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Proprietor of luxury virtual property

Whether you're in the market for a virtual home, vacation home, or income property, VDreamscapes has you covered for all of your off-world real estate needs. We manage thousands of listings in every corner of the galaxy on a daily basis and guarantee that you'll sell or buy in record time, with the lowest commission rates to boot. When you hire us and give us unfettered access to your history and accounts, our sentient home-finder AI learns about your likes, dislikes, and finds the property that meets all of your needs, even those you don't know you have yet.

VDreamscapes also offers our services for remote property management and booking services. If you need somewhere to stay while you're off-world vacationing in the stars our booking services give you direct access to millions of options accross all 88 constellation destinations. Visiting virtually? We cover that as well and we'll get your avatar relaxing in style.

With millions of listings, we guarantee we have the property of your dreams - just give us the opportunity to show you.